Saturday, January 07, 2006

Playoff Time

'Skins vs. Bucks

Portis will run it early and often and Brunell will do just enough to get it done against the stellar corners (Barber and Kelly) of the Bucks. Carnell Williams is the key to the Bucks offense and the outstanding linebackers of the 'Skins will stop him dead. This is if Greg and Joe play Lavar Arrington for the entire game, I think at least.

Final Score: Skins 27 - Bucks 18

Pats vs. Spotted Cats

Tightend is the position to watch for the Pats in this one. They are loaded at the position and the Jags just don't have the players to cover them with Donovan Darius out for the year. Ben Watson earns his wings and has a nice coming out party as Mike Vrabel plays decoy for him. I really like him and he presents the biggest matchup problem for the Jags and he should have a big day. For the record John Henderson is a better player than Marcus Stroud and he will star against the rookie Logan Mankins today.

Final Score: Pats 31 - Jags 21.

More crude on the other games tomorrow.


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