Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Playoff Action

NY Giants vs. Carolina Panthers

I'd like to be picking the Giants since I think they should win the game but some nagging sense in the back of my head tells me that the Panthers will win. I have to go with the nagging voice and say the Panthers take it, but it will be close. Tiki Barber is a very good player having a great season but I don't see him carrying the entire offense today since John Fox would be smart to stop Eli and co. and let Tiki try and beat them. A running back is easier to contain than two receivers and an all world tightend. Given Eli's struggles lately it would be the smart move to take him away and let the rest of the offense do the heavy lifting. Blitz, blitz, blitz and show no mercy.

The Giants defensive line will be opened up late in the game to a heavy dose of Deshaun and a lesser dose of Mr. Davis for Carolina to pull it out.

Carolina Player of the Game: Julius Peppers. He should have a good day if Carolina can get up early and take away Tiki since the Giants offensive line isn't a very talented group.

NY Giants Player of the Game: Amani Toomer: Best receiver on the Giants and today he proves it. Burress and Shockey get the pub but Amani is the straw that stirs the drink.

Final Score: 27 - 21 Carolina but I'm not sold on that

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh takes it and makes it look easier that it will actually be. Jerome Bettis right, Jerome Bettis left and fast Willy Parker all over the place. Pittsburgh should control the clock and keep the ball away from the Cincinnati offense and to quote Hank Shram "Just keep a purcoltin' it down the field". The Bengals will kill you if you give them a chance, so the smart and savy men of steel will win it but it won't be as easy as it looked.

Cincinnati Player of the Game: Brian Simmons. Most underrated linebacker in the NFL for the last few years. He's no Takeo Spikes but he's close and today he makes the plays on defense to keep them in the game. Outstanding linebacker.

Pittsburgh Player of the Game: Jerome Bettis. Bettis is one badass mofo. He should get about 80 yards and spell Fast Willie enough to keep him fresh. With Randle El and Ward running quick slants all day their will be eight in the box and that is Jerome's style. The Phat back rides again.

Final Score: 31-21 Pittsburgh.


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