Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I hate the Raiders and I'm their biggest fan.

Well what can I say about the Raiders season? How about dog s^%t, complete and utter dog s*#t. What has happened to this once proud f&%king franchise? At one time they had the leagues all time best winning percentage and now they might be a threat to win six a year. This is the kind of season that really tested my loyalty to my team. I knew this season was probably going to be a trying one with their schedule and having to play each team in the division twice. On top of all that I have to hear about my two least favorite players in the world non stop on the telecasts. Randy Moss in now officially overrated and Warren Sapp always has been. I’ve absolutely detested by the site of those two the past three years and now both of them get mentioned to the point of giving me nausea every time I watch a game. As if the games weren’t painful enough to watch before they came on board. Warren Sapp is NOT a hall of fame player because the he is far too one dimensional. A defensive tackle that can’t stop the run is like a running back who can’t pass block or catch out of the back field. Great players have complete games or at least try to make up for their deficiencies with some effort. Mr. Sapp has never even pretended to try and stop the run. Throw in his constantly stupid tactics (running thorough the other teams stretching lines and the cheap shot on Chad Clifton of the Packers) and even dumber comments in the media and what do you have? A fat, out of shape jackass who shouldn’t (but probably will) make the HOF. Hate him and always have.

Next in line in the shit parade is Randy Moss, what an a%#hole. I remember I was eighteen, playing junior football in Canada and playing cornerback for the first time in my life when Randy Moss was in his rookie season in the NFL. He was the scariest player I had ever seen the night he played the Packer on MNF. Now he is a jerk off who runs over traffic cops, plays only when he wants to and mouths off about his ex-quarterback for no reason. Randy had better thank god Terrell Owens came along to become the biggest moron at wide-receiver.

It’s tough to cheer for a team that brings in your two least favorite players in back to back years but I struggle on in the vain hope that they will win some games for the team. Big f*&king surprise that they didn’t. I couldn’t watch anymore after the Jets and Browns games. At least I know what it’s like to be a Toronto Maples fan now. One old, washed up player after another gets mad jack to stink it up for a couple of years before moving on and leave no legacy of winning behind. I miss Rich Gannon, that man was a true winner.

The last time I was excited about a free agent or draft pick the Raiders got was Robert Gallery who hasn’t managed to beat out the competent but far from great Barry Sims at left tackle. When Orlando Pace came out the Raiders traded up to the second spot in the draft to nab him and I was psyched. I’m a huge Michigan Wolverines fan and I saw him dominate in THE GAME (fat load of good it did, Michigan still won to beat an undefeated OSU team with an NFL roster, OSU sucks), read about him in S.I., the pancake blocks and his heisman campaign. Well the Raiders missed out on him when St. Louis traded up for him a couple of days before the draft. The Raiders got a great second prize in the late Darrell Russell. Four years into their careers you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thought the Raiders got a lesser player in Russell. Since then Russell flushed his career and considerable talent down the toilet for drugs before dying in a car accident recently. I hope he finds peace where he is now, but he is indicative of the recent fortunes of the Raiders. "Oh what might have been" has now replaced “Just win baby”.

Al Davis can go out and try to hire the next great offensive coach if he wants to (and yes he wants to find himself another Mike Shanahan or Johnny G in TB so they can get fed up this his BS and leave to become the Raiders tormentors) but what he really needs to do is go out and get a defensive coordinator to be the head coach and let him bring in an offensive coordinator to score the points needed while the defense fixes itself. Hire Ted Cottrell tomorrow Al.

The defense was terrible the entire year and won’t get any better for the conceivable future if Al keeps drafting speed corners over cover corners. Kirk Morrison was a find and should have got some run as defensive rookie of the year but didn’t because of what Shawn Merriman did on national t.v. and the putrid state of the Raiders defense. Build a team around defense now because the offense first approach isn’t working any more. And for cripes sake pick between a 4-3 and 3-4 base and stick with it. Put Tyler Brayton at end with is hand on the ground regardless of the formation, he’ll be great across for Derrick Burgess on third downs.

I’m sick of the losing to shit teams, drafting lousy players too early (see the last three years drafts with the exception of Hawthorne, Morrison and Gallery), anemic “high powered” offenses and signing players with big mouths and small production. Do something with is team Al, PLEASE. I’m starting to feel like I did with the Calgary Flames a few years ago where coach after coach would come and go, the good players would leave and the culture of losing would get worse and worse. I couldn’t watch after a while. I’d get excited at the start of every year only to come crashing down when the stretch drive came along. Well the Flames got the right, defensive coach to build around and now the offense is starting to take care of itself. I’m wondering how much longer I’ll have to rubber neck this car wreak of a team before it gets cleaned up? I give it two more years before I call for Al Davis to step down and for me to take his place. Hell I’m an HR student it’s my dream to run an NFL teams and I can’t do a much worse job of it then what’s happening now.

I guess if I had to sum up my feelings on the season and the team in one statement it would be to quote Clark W. Griswold in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation when he gets his Christmas bonus, “hallelujah, holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?”.


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