Friday, January 06, 2006

A Few Quick Thoughts

Toronto Raptors
Their play has been much better since Gene Keady joined the coaching staff. I bet the first day old Gene came to practice Sam Mitchell waited until he was out of ear shot and told the team if their play and winning percentage didn’t improve they’d all be required to grow the Keadying Comb Over.

Extra Note: Will Chuck Swisky please shut now.

World Junior Championship
Canada proves again that we are the first nation of hockey. What a game in the final and what a team it was. Hard working, talented, hard hitting and relentless, Sutter style hockey is now Canada’s form of hockey.

USA hockey’s National Development program is a failure so far. Turns out that Jack Johnson is a thug, Philly Kessel ain’t that damn good and they can’t play as a team. Nice work, good use of funds.

Calgary Flames
I love this team. Shean “Streaks” Donovan is in a hot spell, so look out NHL. When old Shean gets going he scores ‘em in bunches then disappears for long stretches which I’m ok with as long as he actually gets hot at some point.

Mikka is probably the Flames best goaltender of all time but he’ll have to perform for a few years more and deliver a cup before he can officially pass Mike Vernon. I loved Mike when I was a kid but he never dominated games like Mikka does and he never got many shutouts. His teams were much more proficient scoring with great defense and special teams. Mikka has the makings of great defense in front of him, decent but improving special teams but no where near the offensive talent of Mike V’s early teams. #34 till I die son.

Checkout the Battle of Alberta Blog which is written by my brother in law, Matt, and his friend Sacamano, or the Sac-man if you prefer, it’s a great blog.

Bonus Thought: Leafs blow, Oilers suck and Canucks lick.

Paris Hilton
I was walking into a Shoppers Drug Mart last night to get some Orange Crush and Cool Ranch Doritos for the World Junior game and the store had a sticker on the door advertising a new Paris Hilton perfume. I can’t stop wonder what woman would want to smell like stale gin and old crabs. Just can’t figure that one out. I don’t want to smell like I’ve humped more junk than a desert camel, so why would anyone else?

Great Big Sea
This band sucks, straight up. Why do all their songs sound exactly the fu*&ing same. I think of them as a neufy version of Our Lady Peace. OLP is another of our great Canadian bands that has all of their songs sound identical to the next single and all the sorry ass crap that preceded it. I think they can thank the Canadian Content laws for most of their career success. They shouldn’t feel bad though, lots of artists are in the same boat (I’m looking at you Kim Mitchell).


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