Saturday, January 14, 2006

Divisional Weekend in the NFL

Let's see if I can keep my hot streak going by picking all four of the winners this weekend just like I did last weekend. Man if I wasn't so broke I'd put some cash on the games which knowing me would cause all my picks to go right down the toilet.

Redskins vs. Seahawks

I swore I'd never say or write this but I like the Hawks. Well I like them in this game but as a franchise I have a strong dislike for them. After seeing the Skins offense last week I just can't roll with them this week. I'm not sold on the Seahawks as a team, there is no real or concrete reason but I just don't see a lot of winners on the roster. In this game I think Shaun Alexander, Matt Hassleback, Mack Strong, Steve Hutchinson and Walter Jones will wear down the Redskins defense and run away with the game in the second half.

The Seahawks defense isn't the Bucks defense but they will do enough to slow down what I think will be a rejuvenated Skins offense for the win. Is it just me or does Mark Brunell look like he's as old as Joe Gibbs? Grant Wistrom pressures Brunell and Marcus Tubbs and Lofa Tatupu clog the middle enough to shut down Portis and Co. late in the game to preserve the Hawks win.

Players to watch:
Skins: Lavar Arrington. He is the most skilled linebacker in the league and it's about damn time he showed it. He and Washington could be the difference in the game if they can slow down Alexander the great.
Hawks: Michael Boulware: This guy is monster and he'll be the key for the Hawks stopping the Skins running attack.

One last point I'd like to make is the battle between Philip Daniels and Walter Jones in the running game. Daniels is a former Seahawk and one tough son of a bitch who along with Cornelius Griffin could make life tough for the all world left side of the Hawks line. If you can take your eyes out of the backfield watch this battle.

Seahawks 27 - Redskins 17

Patriots vs. Broncos

As a Raiders fan I have reason to hate both of these teams but I hate the Broncos far more than I hate the Pats. Sure the Pats dynasty would never have been if it wasn't for the tuck rule that they got against the Raiders but I can't hate on them for keeping it going while the Raiders flushed their great team away. All dislike aside the Pats are just a better team than the Broncos are and therefore they should win. I think Jake "the snake" reverts back to being Jake "the fake" under the unrelenting pressure of the Pats front seven. I do look forward to watching Richard Seymour eating George Foster's lunch and proving why he is the best D-lineman in the NFL. To sum it all up Brady will dissect the Broncos D, Dillon will quietly have a nice 100-120 yard day, the Pats D will exert its will on the Broncos offense to stop both Anderson and Bell, Jake Plummer will look like the crappy QB he was in Arizona but with a ugly beard and Ashley Lelie will go back to being just another tall, fast wideout with shit hands just like he was when he came out of Hawaii after he gets popped by Eugene Wilson.

Players to watch:
Broncos: Al Wilson. He is sort of like Sam Huff was in the 50's when he started to get some pub instead of the offensive players. If the Broncos win the game it will have a lot to do with his play.
Patriots: Richard Seymour. Seymour is an all-time player. 'Nuff said.

Pats 21 - Broncos 10

F*^k the Broncos 'cause the Broncos suck


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