Friday, January 13, 2006

All new Camaro from Chevy. Whoopty f%$king shit

Man I just got a look at the new Camaro that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show the other day. Maybe it's just me but it looks like a Corvette humped a new Mustang. I like this car a lot but it really pisses me off at the same time. I loved the look of the last years of the last generation of Camaro's. There aren't too many cars I've liked the look of better than an all black Camaro with the red SS badges on the side. Hot f&%king car. If you couldn't get laid in that get the hell out of Canada. I'm not saying you'll get the top shelf scraw every time out in one, but you'll never be wanting either. Thanks to Chevy that car was phased out in favor of the bloated, monkey ass ugly GTO. The GTO is often refered to as the first true muscle car (it wasn't, the Chrysler 300 letter cars were) and how does GM revieve suck a classic? They import a piece of shit from Australia that looks like an Cobalt with a beer gut.

The whiz kids at GM could have done a worse job or course, they could have taken an axe to their entire muscle car heritage like Chrysler did. A four door Charger? Are you fucking retarded? A four door TRUCK with a dayton stripe and wing? Go fuck yourself. Whoever green lighted that abortion should be beaten into a coma with a ball peen while his/her spouse and kids watch. The boys at Dodge have one shot ate redmeption and it lies in the newly unveiled Challenger concept car. That is one slick looking unit and you know why? Because it looks like the 1970 e-body classic. It just goes to prove that you can make a splash without crapping on tradition.


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