Thursday, December 22, 2005

Quick thoughts on Michigans Season

It’s been a difficult year in the land of Maize and Blue with the close loses this year to lesser teams. Nobody could ever convince me that Notre Dame is better than Michigan. Notre Dame played above their heads and Michigan played like crap. I’ve been saying for years that Michigan’s offense needs to throw deep earlier in games and spread out the opposing defenses. It’s really frustrating watching this super talented team being held back by poor execution and lack of guts from the coaches. Every fan, broadcaster and beat writer could see it last year when Michigan would be down or needing a score and the offense would come alive with Henne to Edwards. While there was no Braylon Edwards to throw to this year, since Braylon is the best receiver of his generation in college football, Avant, Tabb, Breston and Manningham are a great core to rely on. By insisting on pounding the ball three straight times for eight yards and punting is the dumbest philosophy I know of. The days of three yards and a cloud of dust are gone; hell Ohio State runs the Spread Offense now. Times have changed (see Nebraska 04, 05 and Penn State 2005) and now is the time to open it up and get some fucking balls in the play calling. Trying to not make a mistake is a mistake in the new college game. Losing five games by less than 10 points says open it up since your defense has become dominant all of the sudden.

I knew that this team was a Top 5 team from the outset because of their defense at the end of last year against MSU, Ohio State and Texas. Sure I wanted to believe the hype just like every other fan, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I thought that Chad Henne would struggle in his sophomore season with no Braylon Edwards to bail him and his offensive coordinator out at the end of games. I didn’t know how important Mike Hart was. Boy is he something. Well for that matter that team has got a gluttony of quality backs and another on the way (Carlos Brown, 6-0 195, 4.55 40yrd dash) to complement Hart, Grady, Jackson and Martin. The defense came through when it had to since the offensive juggernaut never materialized. Dave Harris is one bad son of a bitch and didn’t know who he was at the start of the year. He’s the next Roy Manning, great linebacker who flies under the radar. He is my defensive MVP right ahead of Lamar Woodley, whom I love as a pure football player. Woodley, I believe, would be better served by playing with his hand off the ground. He could be the next Shawn Merriman if Pierre Woods isn’t. Gabe Watson is exactly what this team needed. For too long Michigan has fielded teams with small (6-1 270) D-tackles that would get moved too easily by the massive Wisconsin and Buckeye O-lines. Not anymore with Mr. Watson. I hope Marquees Slocum can fill the sizable void that Gabe is going to be leaving.

Holy CRAP!!!

Well call me the stupidest blogger on Earth (with the exception of any pro Tucker Carlson or pro Bill O’Reily bloggers) because I moved and got a new computer and didn’t save my log in information. Stupid me cause I just got home and can now log in. I promise the two people who read this blog that I will post more tonnes now that I have gotten back in. Sorry for my stupidity.