Monday, August 08, 2005

Quick thoughts of the week

Gretzky as a coach: Great players do not make great coaches and managers. Their players can never reach the standards they set for themselves. An all-time great such as Gretzky can teach a team skill but can never impart them the drive that made him so great. That has always been the failing of greats who turn to coaching. The fact that Gretzky wasn’t the biggest, fastest or strongest is even more of a problem for his new charges since they will never put in the effort he did. In short he may do well, a la Larry Bird, but will ultimately fail (see Ted Williams). He was just too good as a player too be able to get his players to excel as a coach. I hope I’m wrong.

The circus that is T.O. and Drew: Give him his money. I detest Terrell Owens as much as a person can but he deserves more money. His seven-year $49 million is fine just guarantee him more each year. He is a pompous ass, a diva of the highest order (which is a disgrace for a man by the way) and a truly shitty teammate but he wins games and that is all the Eagles got him for. He delivered so now it’s their turn. Break off T.O. some dough. It’s the right think too do Andy.

Ricky Williams: As opposed to T.O. I love Ricky. He is a good teammate…check that was a good teammate and will be one again. People can question his motive all they want but who cares? He’s in camp and Ronnie Brown (whom I love and wish he would report, he has the kind of game Jim Brown and Kijana Carter had. I hope he plays like Jim and doesn’t get ruined like Carter. Injuries killed his career when he was the most talented back since Ernie Davis) isn’t. It doesn’t matter if he’s there because of the money (which he is, he said about as much in a sideline interview) or pride. He is the kind of person who will not do something if it’s not what he wants to do. That should be obvious after last year. I do not condone what he did last year when he abandoned his team but he can only make that up one way and he’s trying to do so.

Bertuzzi’s back: It’s a good thing he is a talented goal scorer or he wouldn’t be. Chris Simon wouldn’t have got back in, neither would Brad May, Peter Worrell nor any other thug of note. Bertuzzi is a grade “A” thug with a grade “A” scoring touch and that’s the only reason he’s back. If it were Bertuzzi who was so brutally assaulted by an unknown player or an enforcer, that player would be kicked out for life. If you can help sell the game and put butts in seats all sins forgiven, if you’re a fringe player who sullies the game in the eyes of the casual fan and purist your given the gate for life. It’s all a matter of who you are not what you’ve done. Don’t worry about the message it sends kids they’ll learn it soon enough because that’s life folks, if it wasn’t George W. wouldn’t be president and John McCain would be.

NBA Free Agency: Who cares?

Sheffield and Manny: Shut and play. You both make ungodly sums of money to do an easy job so do it and shut up. People pay their hard earned money to watch you play baseball because they want too, so keep that in mind next time you open your mouth because with every selfish rant and stupid trade demand those people will put that money back into their pockets. Feel blessed to be where you are and praise the fans that love to cheer you. Get over yourselves and play the game.


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