Monday, August 01, 2005

Dear Mr. Raffy Palmeiro,

Nice work Mr. Palmeiro you have just ruined your clean reputation and your candidacy for the Hall of Fame in one day. I’ll be the first to admit it, I thought you were telling the truth back when you testified before congress earlier this year. Guess I was wrong you are a dirty cheat. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised really Jose Canseco named you in his book and he was right about Big Mac wasn’t he? Well I’m not here to talk about the past nor am I here to talk about your future. Here are some things I think you should do with your ten days off.

Come clean about the positive test: I know you will deny ever having taken steroids until the day you die but it won’t do you any good, so just come clean. The “I didn’t know I was talking a banned substance” ploy has never worked and will never work. When you get caught with the needle in the ass admit it’s yours and don’t act all pissed when we don’t believe someone put it in there without your knowing. We (the public) are not stupid so please do not treat us as such.

Retire: You knew that was coming right? Your 19-year career just got flushed down the proverbial toilet in one day so why keep going on with what everyone sees as a bullshit charade. People, myself included, are beginning to take the allegations in Jose’s book very seriously now so come clean and get out before you disgrace yourself and the game any further. Get while the getting's good, dink.

Fade from memory: Yeah that’s right get out of the game and go away and don’t come back. Take this opportunity to tell your whole tale, so take it and F off. You have disgraced your family, the game and your self so be a man about it now and tell the whole story of the steroids we all now think you took all along. Don’t do it in a book to try to get back into the writers good graces because we both know that will never happen, you listening Pete Rose. Just go away live off your ill gotten money and leave us alone.
I might sound like I’m being too hard on old Raffy but see it through my eyes if you will. Jose Canseco, Raffy and Mark McGwire were my favorite players growing up so to see these giants of my youth fall from grace is hard to say the least. I’ve always known that Jose was a nut job and that steroids probably helped make him who he had become. The other two I thought they might be clean. Wrong, Andro in Mark’s locker ended that notion. I was playing junior Football at the time of the chase for Maris so I looked up Andro in our big book of banned substances and there it was, too me that is cheating even if there was no policy in place. Raffy was the lone hold out of supposed virtue in a see of liars and cheats. Maybe that’s why I was so easily taken in by him in March and so quick to dismiss what Jose had written about him. I was wrong not too go with my gut all along. I doubted what Raffy said to congress but grew to believe it over the past few months. Stupid me. I’m 25 now and can no longer hold onto any of my youthful naiveté. Guess I will just go back to thinking everyone’s a cheater until proven innocent since most of my hero’s are just losers with no honor or class any longer.


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