Friday, July 08, 2005

Prefontaine had it coming. Dickhead kicker.

Don’t get me wrong on the title, I do not condone what Robert Baker did, but I can see why he did it. For those who don’t know Robert Baker is a receiver for the Toronto Argonauts and Noel Prefontaine is the kicker for the Argos. In a game friday July 1, 2005 Baker punched his teammate on the sidelines after Baker left the game fuming over allegedly being spat upon. Prefontaine confronted Baker as he made is way off the field and was yelling and jostling Baker. Baker responded with a left hand to Prefontaines jaw that almost dumped the stupid kicker on his ass.

I think it should be said that what Baker did was inexcusable and that his one game suspension was appropriate considering it was an altercation between teammates. Striking a teammate simply cannot be tolerated in practice, game or heated sideline exchange. You listening Brian Westbrook and Bill Rowmanowski this would have helped you two morons aswell.

That having been said I loved seeing Prefontaine getting decked. Serves him right stupid ass kicker. Kickers should know their place and that place isn’t getting in a players face. Ever. Don’t speak up either, nobody cares. I can’t remember any great sound bites from Gary or Morton Anderson and that’s the way it should be. Go lay on the bench, drink some Gatorade or practice hitting the net with some kicks or anything other than talking to the real player. Get that? Huh? Dick?

Robert Baker shouldn’t have done what he did, but he wouldn’t have had too if Noel had known his place. Don’t blame Baker blame the idiot kicker.

On a side note I would like to see Peyton Manning lay out Mike Vanderjact and Donovan McNabb beat Terrell Owens until he stops moving. That is good entertainment not a no.3 receiver hammering a mouthpiece kicker.


Anonymous Ryan said...

You're a fucking idiot. You sound like a complete moron.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Prefontaine get beat up by i high school freshman when he was a senior. He has always been a sissy. Stick to kicking asshole.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Wade said...

Yeah. Were in our 40's now. Get over it.

12:52 AM  

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