Thursday, June 16, 2005

Worst Pro QB ever

Not the least bit surprised to hear that the Chicago Bears have parted way with back up quarterback Craig Krenzel. Last season as a rookie he won his first three starts last year for the Bears but wasn’t effective in any of his starts. The move by the Bears should not have come as a surprise to anyone really, since Krenzel should have never been drafted in the first place. Think of Krenzel as Jason White with good knees. Both excellent college QB but do not have the skills to be a pro quaterback. He is a very heady quarterback (he was a molecular biology major at Ohio State) but should never have been mistaken for a player with the ability to excel in the NFL. Hell he doesn’t even have the to be a competent player at that level.

I find it truly sad that Krenzel was drafted in the fifth round last year, while this year a guy like Ernest Shazor goes undrafted. Shazor’s lack of speed cost him in the draft but he is without a doubt an NFL prospect. Krenzel on the other hand should have never been considered a prospect since he simply lacks the physical skills to compete. Everyone remembers that Krenzel won a National Championship at Ohio State. During the Buckeyes run he was merely a caretaker a QB while the defense shut everyone down and Maurice Clarett was the offensive stud. I wish Craig the best in life as long as he stays out of pro football as a player on any team I watch.


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