Thursday, June 23, 2005

I wish I was older

I feel like I may have missed out on the classic era of college football. Gone are the good old days of pre-conference games of real interest. Sure there are still Michigan vs. Notre Dame and Florida State vs. Florida but those are almost conference games now since we see them so often. Since I’m only 25 and the son of Canadian non-sports fans I missed out on the good old days of non-conference games with meaning. There will never be another season like 1991 when Washington and Miami split the National Championship. All the elite teams that season played other elite teams en route to a great season for the most important people involved… THE FANS. Washington (12-0) vs. Michigan (10-2), Michigan vs. Florida State (11-2), Penn State (11-2) vs. Notre Dame (10-3), Michigan vs. Notre Dame, Florida State vs. Miami and Notre Dame and Florida (10-2). There were lots more games like these between elite teams that will never happen again. Why? Because the Athletic directors, coaches and boosters would rather host a home game against a scrimmage burger and make a ton of cash than risk losing their shot at being National Championship contenders by beating a National Championship contender. The only games of real interest out of conference now are the, and I hate to say it, BCS games. Last year it put together Michigan and Texas in the Rose and Oklahoma and USC for the Championship. If the NCAA can make a 12th game possible why can’t the people who finance this (fans again and yes I’m going to beat the fan drum for all it’s worth) get USC vs. Auburn. Usually when something like this doesn’t happen I look to see who will lose money for who is throwing the wrench into the system but I don’t see one here. Maybe it’s the crowd of guys who think that not having a clear-cut champion “ship” is part of the rich tradition of College football. Well all I have to say to that is F*&% THAT. Maybe the AD’s are right that another game at the start of a semester will interfere with learning. No their not, they my friend are full of shit. Practice and film study take away from a “Student” (player formost, everything else later) all year long so let’s not try and fool ourselves.

Now that the NCAA has allowed teams to play an extra game each year don’t expect Great non-conference games to start again. Nope the teams will use the extra game to schedule scrimmage burgers at home for big payday. Michigan will line up opposite Central Michigan and get 110,000 people to show up for an ass whopping. Florida and Florida State will kick the shit out of some lowly Division IAA team and Coach Snyder and K-State will destroy a Div. III team. Everyone will miss out on great seasons that could have been nad great games that never will be will. We’ll be forced to hold out hope that Utah, Fresno State or TCU will knock off one of the elite teams since they won’t be playing each other in non-conference play. Losing to the eventual National Champions won’t cost a good team a shot at the title anymore. It will be a upset to Northwestern or Baylor that will be the games you remember and that’s sad to me. Very, very sad indeed.


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